Industrial valves

DIN Gate valve of CrNi cast steel PN100 DN50-400 DN 50 - 400 / PN 100
ANSI Globe valve Pressure Seal Cl600 Cl900 2"-18" Class 600, 2"-18", Class 900, 2"-16"
ANSI Globe valve Pressure Seal Cl1500 Cl2500 2"-14" Class 1500, 2"-14", Class 2500, 2"-12"
ANSI Globe valve Cl1500 Cl2500 2"-16" Class 1500, 2"-16", Class 2500, 2"-12"
ANSI Globe valve Cl150 Cl300 2"-24" Class 150, 2"-24", Class 300, 2"-18"
ANSI Globe valve Cl600 Cl900 2"-16" Class 600, 2"-16", Class 900, 2"-16"
ANSI Gate valve Pressure Seal of forged steel Cl2500 3"-16" Class 2500, 3"-16"
ANSI Strainer Cl150 2"-12" Class 150, 2"-12"
ANSI Gate valve Pressure Seal of forged steel Cl900 3"-16" Class 900, 3"-16"

The focus of our company is the production of industrial valves with shut-off and regulating functions for the industry.

Our firm is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of pipeline valves. The top-quality products produced by our factory are designed for the shut-off and regulation of the streams of working media. They can be equipped with various kinds of actuators:

  • Handwheel.
  • Electric actuator.
  • Pneumatic actuator.

Upon customer´s wish, our workers will get the valves equipped with an actuator of the required type.

The core assortment of pipeline valves

The Industrial valves production of our factory encompasses a wide product range. Apart of shut-off valves and check valves, we produce knife gate valves as well as the dampers for the regulation of flue gas and air streams.

A large scope of shut-off and regulating valves allows our specialists to find flexible solutions depending on the following technical specifications:

  • Special traits of the transported working media.
  • Peculiarities with respect to the given working pressure and temperature.
  • Pipeline technical specifications as well as dimensions.

The catalogue

In our catalogue of the goods for trade, the following valve groups are presented:

The functional possibilities of these goods are very versatile. Each product has been tested according to the quality assurance system standards.

The selling goods range is completed by the necessary complimentary parts.

Additional options

Our company supports reliable partner relations with numerous producers of industrial valves in Germany. In addition to that, we have strong relations with famous manufacturers of electric and pneumatic actuators.

Strong partner relationships help us to:

  • significantly broaden our product range;
  • provide the optimal automatization of the valves.
  • service and commissioning;
  • repair or reconditioning works.

Beyond valve production, we provide:

You are welcome to place your inquiries per e-mail or by calling us.