ANSI Strainer Cl150 2"-12" Class 150, 2"-12"
DIN Strainer PN63-100 DN15-200 DN 15 - 200 / PN 63 - 100
DIN Strainer PN16-40 DN15-250 DN 15 - 250 / PN 16 - 40
DIN Strainer PN160 DN15-200 DN 15 - 200 / PN 160
DIN Strainer CrNi PN40 DN15-250 DN 15 - 250 / PN 16 - 40
DIN Strainer PN16 DN15-300 DN 15 - 300 / PN 16

    Strainers are filters for special implementations designed for the mounting on pipelines.

    Device application

    The purpose of strainer installation is the filtration of working medium from mechanical contaminations, as well as the prolongation of the operation life of pipeline systems and shut-off valves.

    Strainer functions:

    • Purification of the working medium from firm residuals (filtering of sand, mechanical contaminations or slag),
    • Protection of technological equipment of water systems, sewage systems from the damages caused by mechanical contamination.

    Device construction

    Strainers are built in the transportation systems for oil, steam, various fluids and gases before measuring, regulating or shut-off valves as well as pumps and other equipment.

    A strainer generally consists of a body, a bonnet and a filtering member (a mesh and a basket).

    Special filters have a cell structure. The diameter of the cells, which defines the grade of medium purification, can vary.

    In general, high-value steels are used for strainer production. Strainers of stainless steel are installed in water systems with large temperature differences and pressure differences.

    Application areas

    Strainers are implemented in utility networks and industrial structures in all production fields, as well as service industry related to gas supply, steam and heat plants, or water supply and water discharge.

    Strainers for sewerage systems with fixed cell sizes are installed at the system entrance to protect the technological equipment from clogging.

    Because strainers fulfill a nonchemical water treatment, this purification method is also called reagentless.

    The cleanings gathered during operation process can be let out through the drain cock in the lower part of the strainer body.

    We are looking forward to hearing from you

    As a large manufacturer and supplier of industrial valves, company NOVAL offers high-value strainers (sediment protection filters).

    In standard designs, these products can be delivered with flange or butt-weld ends.

    Upon the customer´s wish, our products can be customized, for example, with an outer sealing, a fine-meshed screen, a drain plug etc.

    Mounting and commissioning works can be conducted by our specialists, who have practical experience and admission to such kinds of works.

    The prices of our strainers are attractive. To make a product inquiry, please write us an e-mail or simply get into contact with our sales team by phone.