Bi-directional knife gate valve with 2 seat rings

Series: NW, NWL Bi-directional seal / Additional seat / Self-sealing design suitable for a variety of different conditions / Easy cleaning achieved with a removable disc construction




DN50-DN100/2“- 4“ 16bar
DN125-DN200/5“-8“ 10bar
DN250-DN400/10“-16“ 7bar
DN600-DN700/24“-28“ 3bar
DN800-DN900/32“-36“ 2bar
DN1000-DN1400/40“-56“ 1bar


DN50-DN100/2“- 4“ 20bar
DN125-DN200/5“-8“ 16bar
DN250-DN1000/10“-40“ 10bar
DN1000-DN1400/40“-56“ 6bar


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Characteristics and details

Connection type: wafer, lug, flange
Design Standard: MSS SP-81
Flange Standard: DIN EN 1092 / ANSI B16.5 / others
Face-to-face: MSS SP-81 / customer specification
Test Standard: DIN EN 12266 / API-598
Operation: manual, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, sprocket, electro-hydraulic, gear