Cost-effective and client-oriented solutions in the sphere of industrial valves, special valves and flue gas dampers are provided by our Aftersales Service Team. NOVAL products and systems have proven to be an integral part of safe and productive factories, power plants and SCR reactors internationally.

In those cases when factory or system failures cause either shutdown or unsafe working conditions, it is decisive to have a quick and reliable supplier of services, spare and special parts. NOVAL works out applicable solutions together with our customers.

Scope of services:

  • Inspection, evaluation and problem elimination
  • Individual maintenance and technical service
  • Technical analysis, putting into service
  • Repair, spare part installation, general repair
  • Adjustments for factories, power plants and SCR reactors


NOVAL offers services in our workshop or in Your production facilities. We react promptly (on-site arrival on the next day, weekend shift readiness, emergency day and night shifts), and we offer a large scope of products (valves, compensators, fittings, actuators and equipment).

Putting into operation and inspection

Our experts will assist You, while putting valves into operation or conducting inspections. We maintain or retune valves for a better launch, if needed.

You can order our valve inspection services, especially for flue and gas dampers. The many years of our specialists´ experience are the basis for quick troubleshooting on Your production site. Disassembly and exchange of defective valves, as well as damage analysis and repair on-site or in our workshop also belong to the scope of our services.

Equipment installation

The mounting of position indicators, sensors and limit switches on the installed valves demands special constructive decisions, adapted to the working conditions and conform with work safety norms / SIL (Safety Integrity Level) requirements. For the above-mentioned purposes, our technicians are in close communication with constructors and suppliers.


The special attention is given to the valve automatization. The choice of the right actuator requires more than just experience and precision of work. The close contact with suppliers is the prerequisite for mistake-free actuator choices.


You need a special and non-standard valve coating or anticorrosion protection? We can fulfill almost any customer requirement in our coating workshop.

It doesn´t matter, if we work on-site or in our workshop, we deliver our services professionally and thoroughly, with collaborative effort of our technicians and engineers, and in consultancy with our suppliers. In urgent situations, we react and arrive to Your location promptly.


  • The works are conducted in compliance with industrial norms.
  • The reliability of production, as well as safety and effectivity are increased.
  • The service life of the valves is prolonged.
  • The losses associated with the idleness are lowered.
  • The valve cost-efficiency is increased.



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