Ball Valves

ANSI Ball valve RB Cl900 0,75-2 Class 900, 3/4"-2"
ANSI Ball valve RB Cl1500 0,75"-2" Class 1500, 3/4"-2"
ANSI Ball valve RB Cl600 0,75-6 Class 600, 3/4"-6"
ANSI Ball valve RB Cl300 0,75-8 Class 300, 3/4"-8"
ANSI Ball valve RB Cl150 0,75-8 Class 150, 3/4"-8"
ANSI Ball valve FB Cl150 0,5-8 Class 150, 1/2"-8"
DIN Ball valve of cast steel PN63 DN8-100 DN 8 - 100 / PN 40 - 63
DIN Ball valve of cast steel PN40 DN15-300 DN 15 - 300 / PN 25 - 40
DIN Ball valve of cast steel PN16 DN15-300 DN 15 - 300 / PN 10 - 16

Ball valves are shut-off valves for pipelines. They consist of the following parts:

  • Body;
  • Closure member/ball;
  • Stem/control shaft;
  • Operating member;
  • Sealings for the ball, shaft and body.

Apart from the simple construction, ball valves have the advantage of reliable tightness, and they can be delivered with a minimum of or without stagnant zones.

Ball valves can be operated in various ways. Apart from the hand lever, ball valves can be equipped with gear or actuators.

Types of ball valves

There are quite many categories of ball vales. They are classified based upon the following criteria:

  • Nominal pressure, face-to-face dimension and the diameter of the ball bore,
  • The type of sealing (metal or soft sealing),
  • Connection to the pipeline,
  • The type of valve control.

If the diameter of the ball bore is equal to the diameter of the pipe, the ball valve is called full bore, and if the ball bore is smaller, then it is reduced bore.

Depending on connection type, it is classified among the following ball valve kinds:

  • Socket valves (thread connection with a conical or cylindrical inner thread).
  • Screw valves (thread connection with outer thread).
  • Flanged valves (round flange connection to the pipe).
  • Valves with butt-weld ends (connection by welding the ends together, in which way a 100%-hermeticity and strength is ensured).
  • Valves with combined connections (threaded/welded, flange/welded etc.).

The closure member in the valve body can be constructed as a floating ball or a pinned ball.

The application of ball valves depends on the transported working medium (water, gas, steam, synthetics etc.).

Ball valves from company NOVAL

Company NOVAL is a famous producer and seller of pipeline valves and offers a broad product range in accordance with different standards. You can buy shut-off valves from our catalogue, including various types of cocks: with flanges, with weld ends, with gear and in combination with actuators.

In addition to this, there are complimentary options such as:

  • TA-Luft design,
  • Fire safe design,

Authorization for gas industry and others.